Announcing our IT/DevConnections Data Platform and Business Intelligence Keynote Speaker Conor Cunningham

IT/DevConnections is returning to Las Vegas and the Aria Resort Hotel on September 14-17, 2015.  This year we’re excited to welcome Conor Cunningham, Partner Architect on the SQL Server Core Engine Team at Microsoft as our Data Platform and Business Intelligence Keynote Speaker.


Conor is a 17-year veteran of Microsoft and is currently serving as the breadth architect of the SQL engine, working on the features that will ship in SQL Server 2016.   Previously, he spent several years working on Azure SQL Database (aka SQL Azure) working to re-architect the service for what became known as the “V12” release and has many years of experience working on the details of query processing and data warehousing.  Conor is the author of several peer-reviewed articles, the query optimization chapter in the “Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals” book, and 13 patents.

Microsoft is in public beta with its upcoming release of its flagship database product, SQL Server 2016.  This release is packed with tons of new features to help both DBAs and Developers get more out of their data.

Conor will be speaking to some of the major features in the SQL Server 2016 release, from the latest in-memory OLTP + DW performance enhancements to improvements in the language surface area to make it easier to use the product in new ways.   Many of these same features are also available in Microsoft Azure SQL Database (aka SQL Azure). 

Are you still undecided on whether you’ll be attending IT/DevConnections 2015 and gaining access to not only Conor’s insider insights but to those of dozens of other SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS and Power BI experts?  Take a look at the roster of Data Platform and Business Intelligence speakers and sessions they’ll be presenting to help you make the decision before it’s too late.


Come hear how SQL Server 2016 will help you and how you can play with the current CTP release to get started!

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