Analysis Services 2000 versus Analysis Services 2005

You’re probably like me – you’re a busy person.  So you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your productivity or to find a short cut big chunks of work.  A big chunk of work for me is trying to understand what’s new in Yukon.  Well, I thought you’d like to know about a great shortcut on getting up to speed on Analysis Services 2005.


If you’re active in the SQL Server BI space, you need to get to know Mosha Pasumansky’s Analysis Services Blog.  On January 30th, Mosha posted a great comparison of AS2K versus AS2005 that was done by two of Microsoft’s top field people (Jamie Basilico and Mark Frawley).  You can find their presentation at  But on top of that, Mosha has provided a number of enhancements and added comments to the comparison PPT.  Look for Mosha’s January 30th posting at 


One thing that I’m curious about is roughly how many of you are strongly interested in BI.  Give me a shout out!





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