Access and Interact with Data Stored in the Cloud

Zoho recently announced a new product called Zoho CloudSQL, which is a middleware service that uses SQL to let business users access data stored in Zoho via on-site applications and other Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. Zoho CloudSQL lets you use SQL to access and interact with data that’s stored in the cloud. According to the press release announcing this product, “The Zoho CloudSQL middleware technology makes Zoho the first company to let users store and interact with business data stored in the cloud via SQL.”

Zoho currently offers a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver for Zoho CloudSQL and plans to offer an ODBC driver in the near future. These drivers let developers use the SQL drivers and statements that they typically use with their on-site applications rather than having to learn a new web API. “Customers can use this new technology to seamlessly blend the data and applications they have on-site with the data and applications they have in the cloud,” says Rodrigo Vaca, the director of marketing at Zoho.

Currently, Zoho Reports is the only product that supports Zoho CloudSQL, although Zoho CRM will support it in the future. This product supports SQL Server, as well as other database platforms. In addition, Zoho CloudSQL supports all the major SQL database languages. Find out more about Zoho CloudSQL by visiting

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