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Microsoft spins off Bungie

Hey, maybe those "arteests" can go develop for the Mac again! [ducks]

As evidenced in WinInfo Short Takes today, the Bungie guys really rub me the wrong way. And apparently they got their wish: Microsoft is dropping them as requested:

Microsoft Corp. has spun off Bungie Studios, creator of the blockbuster "Halo" video game trilogy, but said Friday it will maintain close ties with the company and own a minority stake in it.

Privately held Bungie LLC will develop games exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms "for the foreseeable future," said Harold Ryan, Bungie's president and studio head, in an interview.

The two companies said they will continue to work together to support the "Halo" franchise — including "Halo 3" released Sept. 25 — and will expand their partnership to include new games.

Microsoft acquired Chicago-based Bungie and its "Halo" concept in 2000, ensuring that the Xbox would be the only game console to run the multiplayer first-person shooter game.

"Working with Microsoft was great for us, it allowed us to grow as a team and make the ambitious, blockbuster games we all wanted to work on," said Jason Jones, Bungie founder and partner, in a statement Friday. "But Bungie is like a shark. We have to keep moving to survive. We have to continually test ourselves, or we might as well be dolphins. Or manatees."

Now I feel bad that I thought they were full of themselves. Oh wait.  :)

Sorry, but spare me. 

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