SharePoint Shots - 16 Oct 2009

For Those Who Drink More Than Kool-Aid

This week in SharePoint Shots, news of these SharePoint products blew across the Great Plains and to our desks at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy wisely. Use responsibly. Live long and prosper.

Vital Path Migration Center for the Desktop
A point-to-point, desktop application that maps your content and metadata, letting users migrate their content to SharePoint , eRoom, Livelink, and File Shares. Starts at $2,495. Visit Vital Path for more info.

ComponentOne Web Parts
Recently released Web Parts for SharePoint v2 lets developers customize behaviors, connect Microsoft SharePoint's Web Parts to ComponentOne Web Parts, and interconnect ComponentOne Web Parts. Additionally, ComponentOne DataGrid, Chart, and Maps Web Parts give you tools to connect, configure, and style data views without writing a line of code. Visit ComponentOne for more info.

Dolphin Software Contract Manager for SharePoint
Partnering with ARX, a digital signature solution provider, Dolphin Software is able to offer customers of Dolphin Contract Manager for SharePoint the ability to apply the CoSign standard digital signatures on contracts, without the risk of fraud or the need to revert to manual or paper-based processes. Visit Dolphin Software for more info.

Tomoye Community Software for SharePoint
A new community and social networking platform for SharePoint combines capabilities that fuel communities and social networking with an open source approach. Deployed via SharePoint Central Administration and using SharePoint search, Tomoye offers features that include crowd-sourced content management, real-time expertise rosters, content aggregation across communities, and user behavior tracking. Along with open source licensing, Tomoye is offering partners a series of incentives including free deployments of 50 seats or less. Visit Tomoye for more info.

For more SharePoint cool stuff, visit SharePointPro Connections. We'll be blogging live from Microsoft's SharePoint Conference

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