Session 2: Building Code Free SharePoint Applications and Business Intelligence Lite

Presented by: Dan Holme

Running Time: 54 min

SharePoint lists enable you to move kludgy, heavy-labor business processes online and to relocate flat and even relational databases to a multi-user, web-based platform. This session will share several approaches that can be used to make the most of SharePoint as a database and application platform without ever cracking open Visual Studio. The goal is to jumpstart your ability to identify and solve business problems using standard Windows SharePoint Services and Office clients, and to share practical, real world examples of how to achieve incredible value out of SharePoint lists. You'll learn to:

  • Move important, shared, or multi-user databases from their 20th century home in Excel worksheets and Access databases to SharePoint
  • Create rich, code-free "business intelligence lite" SharePoint solutions that leverage Excel as an analysis and presentation tool
  • Develop sophisticated, intelligent relational database applications with gorgeous forms and reports using Access as a SharePoint front-end