Q: How can I change the default URL used by SharePoint?

A: By default, SharePoint can use the shortened NetBIOS name of a site, such as http://servera instead of the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) format, which in this case would be http://servera.domain.com. To modify the URL, perform the following:

  1. Access the SharePoint Central Administration site. This is typically http://:32736 but can vary--it should be listed under Start, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products, SharePoint 2010 Central Administration.
  2. Select Application Management.
  3. Under Web Applications, select Configure alternate access mappings.
  4. Select Edit Public Zone URLs.
  5. Select the correct portal under Alternate Access Mapping Collection, then change the Default URL to the FQDN instead of the NetBIOS (see screen shot below), then click Save.


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