Protecting SharePoint with Data Protection Manager

Protecting SharePoint with Data Protection Manager

Q: I'm trying to protect SharePoint with System Center Data Protection Manager--why doesn't DPM show SharePoint as an item that can be protected?

A: System Center Data Protection Manager has application-specific protection for many different Microsoft workloads, including file services, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint.

When you create a new protection group in Data Protection Manager and select a server, the types of data that can be protected are shown. If your SharePoint server looks like the following, you will notice SharePoint isn't shown:

This is because SharePoint hasn't been configured into the local DPM agent. To enable it, run the following command (you will need to pass an SharePoint Farm administrative account):

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin>ConfigureSharepoint.exe -enableSharepointProtection

Enter the user name for 'WSSCmdletsWrapper': savilltech\administrator
Enter the password for WSSCmdletsWrapper:

Operation completed successfully.

Types registered successfully
Operation completed successfully.

SharePoint will now be shown on the DPM server for the SharePoint server (see screen shot below).

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