New and Improved: MetaVis Information Manager, TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office, Policy Patrol Archiver, and More

MetaVis Releases Information Manager for SharePoint 2010

MetaVis Technologies has announced MetaVis Information Manager for SharePoint 2010, which lets users bulk import, copy, and classify content directly from the SharePoint user interface. Information Manager is embedded directly into the SharePoint 2010 ribbon, letting authorized users classify, upload, and copy content using familiar controls and interfaces. Information Manager allows authorized SharePoint users to copy content between different SharePoint sites, site collections, list and libraries, as well as bulk import from File Shares (while retaining file system metadata) and tag in one process from the SharePoint ribbon.

“While SharePoint 2010 provides tagging and classification technology, it is limited to individual items, making it an underutilized feature,” said Peter Senescu, President and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. “Having classification capabilities and not using them is an opportunity lost for organizations. MetaVis Information Manager makes importing and tagging content seamless and easy. SharePoint information becomes well organized, manageable and most importantly, searchable.”

To learn more about MetaVis product offerings, check out Maximize Your SharePoint 2010 Investment with MetaVis. To download a free trial of Information Manager, visit

TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office

TITUS has announced the availability of its classification policy solution, TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office, formerly known as TITUS Document Classification. The solution includes enhanced feature sets and functionality specific to Microsoft Office to classify, label, and protect documents from data loss. TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office interoperates with McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, letting customers add user-driven classification to further protect sensitive and confidential information right at the desktop. New features in this version include dynamic labeling, label mapping, and SharePoint interoperability. To learn more, visit

Red Earth Software’s Policy Patrol Archiver for Email Archiving on Exchange

Red Earth Software released its Policy Patrol Archiver, an email archiving and electronic discovery solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using Microsoft Exchange Server. Policy Patrol Archiver lets SMBs meet compliancy needs, reduce Exchange store size, and boost Exchange performance. Policy Patrol Archiver automatically stores emails in a centralized archive location, allowing administrators to set email retention policies and meet email archiving requirements. Emails are archived into the database instantly, so that even if a user deletes an email, it will still be archived into the database. To learn more, visit

USB Device Redirection and Isolation Get Easy

Incentives Pro has released the TS Edition of its USB Redirector. The new software allows simple USB device redirection to a terminal server and enables device isolation in RDP session. USB Redirector lets users redirect their devices to the server and use them in remote Windows session. Users can also isolate USB devices in a RDP session, making them inaccessible and invisible for other users. The program currently supports isolation for mass storage devices and human-interface devices. To make the software even more usable, Incentives Pro has added compatibility with USB Redirector for Linux. To learn more, visit

Napatech Software Suite for Network Appliance Development

Napatech has announced the introduction of its Napatech Software Suite. The solution includes features that make development of multi-port and multi-application network appliances faster and easier. The release includes functionality for merging data from ports on multiple Napatech network adapters into a single stream for analysis. In addition, the suite provides plug-and-play support for Napatech’s network adapters. The data sharing features provided by the Napatech Software Suite lets multiple physical appliances to be consolidated onto a single physical server. To learn more, visit

Intel Introduces AppUp Small Business Service Featuring Asigra Cloud Backup

Asigra announced that it has joined with Intel to offer hybrid cloud backup as part of the Intel AppUp Small Business Service. The new solution delivers the advantages of offsite backup with the security and performance of an onsite server for both local and remote recovery. Asigra Cloud Backup is one of a select group of applications preloaded for shipment with the new Intel solution. The Intel AppUp Small Business Service features a mix of local and cloud software with an Intel Xeon-based server that comes pre-loaded with tools for remote management, firewall, VoIP/PBX and backup. To learn more, visit

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Fujitsu Releases North American Global Cloud Platform

Fujitsu has announced the North American rollout of its Global Cloud Platform. The service will become available on September 1 and offer scaled pricing. The platform incorporates multi-tier security for an enterprise-grade environment. Its browser interface makes it simple to build, provision, and manage secure environments for even relatively complex, three-tier workloads. The offering supports Microsoft, Linux, and CentOS open source–based applications. To learn more, visit

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Secure Your Emails with

eCrypt Technologies has launched, a web-based email and file encryption service. One feature of is its secure File Vault where users can securely store files for secure, on-the-fly access from any device with an internet connection, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. eCrypt's strong focus on privacy and end user control influenced development of the platform to prevent unauthorized access to the contents of messages and files by anyone, including eCrypt. To learn more, visit

ComTrade’s Management Pack for Citrix XenDesktop 5 on SCOM

ComTrade has announced the release of its new Management Pack for Citrix XenDesktop 5. In addition, existing ComTrade’s Management Pack for Citrix XenApp now supports XenApp 6. Both products are integrated in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to provide simple installation, minimal training and easy maintenance. ComTrade’s Management Pack for Citrix XenDesktop includes a fully-featured availability and performance management solution and extends the end-to-end service monitoring capabilities of SCOM to include Citrix XenDesktop 5 infrastructure. To learn more, visit

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