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Microsoft Excel Add-in Cuts Construction Waste

Here's a Microsoft Excel solution you might not have seen before. Optimalon Software recently announced 1DCutX, an Excel extension that finds the optimal cutting layout for construction materials.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different ways for contractors and construction companies to cut plumbing pipes, studs, beams, and drywall. Depending on how you choose to cut up these materials, you can waste or save tens of thousands of dollars in construction materials and labor, not to mention the environmental cost in discarded waste materials.

1DCutX works with Excel, as an Excel menu item or ribbon element. It saves all the data within the workbooks effectively eliminating any potential errors. Users may choose to minimize either waste or both waste and cost.

Additional parameters, such as saw kerf, minimal waste size, and completion mode, help users account for the features and limitations of the cutting hardware being used. More information is available at the Optimalon Software website.

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