Maximize Your SharePoint 2010 Investment with MetaVis - 12 Mar 2010

You've wisely decided that the added management capabilities, interface improvements, and new social networking features of SharePoint 2010 make it a crucial upgrade to your organization. But where to proceed next? Is it time to snatch up a migration solution and make the big move?

Not so fast, according to MetaVis President Peter Senescu. Migration is the perfect opportunity to clean up your SharePoint, and in fact, many of the new features in SharePoint 2010 won't do you a lick of good until you do just that.

The House Analogy
Think of it like this: imagine you're living in a messy, unorganized house. (That doesn't require much creativity for me.) Now imagine you're moving into a bigger, fancier house with interesting new appliances, efficient solar heating resources, and more rooms to customize. But, when it comes to moving time, your house is so messy that you can hardly sort pots and pans from shirts and pants, so you simply throw it all in the moving truck, let it bounce around, and arrive at your new house. So what do you do when you get there? You throw it all in the new house, and all the interesting capabilities you could've utilized are wasted on what quickly becomes a new dumping ground for stuff.

OK, so the analogy is far from perfect, but it's like this: if you don't take the time now to get your metadata and taxonomy sorted out with your current implementation, you're not going to be able to utilize many of the new SharePoint 2010 features.

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