Enable FQDN Access to SharePoint 2013

Enable FQDN Access to SharePoint 2013

Q: How do I enable Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) access on my SharePoint 2013 installation without getting an "unauthorized access" message? 

A: By default, a new SharePoint Server 2013 deployment enables access through the NetBIOS name (e.g., savdalsps01) and not its FQDN (e.g., savdalsps01.savilltech.net). To solve the problem, an Alternate Access Mapping must be added for the FQDN.

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint Server 2013 Central Administration site (e.g., http://<SharePoint NetBIOS name>:6999, e.g., http://savdalsps01:6999).
  2. Select System Settings from the navigation pane.
  3. Under Farm Management, select the Configure alternate access mappings.
  4. Under Alternate Access Mapping Collection, select Change Alternate Access Mapping Collection.
  5. Select name of SharePoint - 80.
  6. Click the Add Internal URLs link.
  7. Type the FQDN http://<FQDN>:80 (e.g., http://savdalsps01.savilltech.net:80) and select the Intranet Zone from the drop down and select Save.

The FQDN should now work.

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