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Microsoft Reveals Bing Video Experience

Microsoft today expanded the capabilities of its Bing decision engine to include a new Bing Video destination that combines Bing video search and quality content from MSN Video.

The integrated experience provides a new online video destination that delivers a comprehensive and faster video experience with video search tools from Bing. This new experience offers the widest selection of high quality video services on the web including TV shows, videos, and content from top sites such as Hulu, MSN, ABC, and YouTube. The new Bing Videos experience begins rolling out today and will be fully available on both Bing and MSN by mid-November.

Here's the word from the Bing blog:

Turn off the lights (literally), share with your friends and kick back…you are about to see the latest Bing videos experience.

Starting today and rolling out over the next few days Bing videos will provide a new unified online video destination that delivers a comprehensive, organized, and high-quality video experience. This change will combine the powerful search experience of Bing, with the expertise of MSN video all into one destination.

With the New Bing Video you can now access videos from across the web, MSN’s array of high-quality videos, and videos from sites such as Hulu, ABC, and Youtube. Bing videos viewing options are nearly endless.

Check out the cool new home page which makes it easy to search and browse for the videos you want to see.

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