Microsoft To Release MSN Messenger 6.0 Thursday

Tomorrow, Microsoft will release the final version of MSN Messenger 6.0, providing consumers with an integrated solution for text, audio, and video instant messaging (IM), file sharing, online gaming, and other solutions. To celebrate the release of MSN Messenger 6.0, Microsoft is holding a contest each Friday through the end of August in which users of the product are eligible to win cash prizes. The company will randomly give away $1000 an hour for 10 hours to US consumers who enter the "Friday Fast Cash Sweepstakes" and are logged onto MSN Messenger 6.0.

"Fast Cash Friday is our way of celebrating the completion and final release of MSN Messenger 6.0, our most feature-rich, personalized and coolest IM service ever," said Lisa Gurry, an MSN group product manager. "This promotion and others we have planned for later this summer are our way of encouraging people to see for themselves how much fun they can have while IM-ing."

MSN Messenger 6.0 is the most advanced IM client on any platform, supporting more than 60 new emoticons, a completely customizable interface, photo and file sharing, access to online games, integrated Web cam service, one-click IM conversation logging, integrated support for cell phones and PDAs, and ink support for Tablet PCs. "With Messenger 6.0, IM has changed forever," Gurry says. "Consumers can truly make their IM experience their own and extend that experience in so many new and different ways."

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