Survey: Google's apps outpace Office offerings on mobile by 700% SurveyMonkey Intelligence

Survey: Google's apps outpace Office offerings on mobile by 700%

Despite Microsoft's Mobile First mantra, SurveyMonkey findings put Google well ahead

We've reported a lot on Microsoft's "mobile first" strategy, but after two years at the helm, Microsoft is still chasing after Google for app usage.

According to data released by SurveyMonkey Intelligence, Google's mobile productivity portfolio has 111 million active monthly users ... versus just 14 million for Microsoft's mobile productivity products.

Not suprisingly, the biggest disparities are in the consumer-heavy email and storage suites. According to SurveyMonkey's data, GMail and Inbox have 97.3 million unique users, while Outlook has just 6.6, despite a series of high-priced acquisitions and executive shakeups.

But even in Microsoft's traditional strongholds of Excel and PowerPoint, the mobile transition has proven a challenge: Google still has at least double the amount of monthly usage.

Read the full results of the survey at SurveyMonkey Intelligence's site.

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