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Microsoft needs advertising that 'just works'

Dmitry offers up his opinion on what Microsoft needs to do to take control of the Vista message:

Today I came across an article talking about the future direction of Microsoft advertising. The article is an interesting read and I definitely think we need to do something to save our image problem compared to Apple or Google’s attempts at discrediting us at every step.

For me though, Its all about Vista

I'm really, really upset over our Vista image problems with consumers and think it should be a priority to resolve ahead all others.

Sure we have plenty of other products out there, but honestly I think devices like Zune for example have bigger fish to fry then their image, but Vista has no more real issues, it really is (in my opinion) now just the consumers image of the OS that's broken.

Its time that we found something that “just works”, its time Microsoft software image and advertising felt like something in-touch with the people, something dare i even say “felt good” to use.

I couldn't agree more. I harp on the "perception vs. reality" thing with Vista because that's all that this is, and to date, Apple and the iCabal have somehow usurped the Vista marketing message from Microsoft.It's time to take that back: Apple's switcher ads are almost universally about how bad Vista (supposedly) is, but do little to promote their own product. (Apparently not being Vista is enough. Which explains Boot Camp how exactly?)

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