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Microsoft integrates Bing with Hotmail

From Microsoft:

Bing – Microsoft’s decision engine – has come to Windows Live Hotmail through a new feature unique to Hotmail, called quick add. Gone are the days of shuffling between multiple windows to search for a map to email to party guests or the latest viral video to share with friends and family. Quick add – powered by Bing – puts an end to the multi-window chaos so you can accomplish tasks faster, and allows consumers to ‘Bing and decide’ from the comfort of their Hotmail inbox.

Windows Live Hotmail customers can find and share information more easily with quick add:

  • Search for maps, restaurants, movie times, images, videos and business listings, all within your Hotmail inbox. 
  • Insert maps, business addresses, restaurant and business reviews and more directly into the body of an email in a few simple clicks.
  • Preview and insert videos and images from the web without leaving your inbox.

To try it firsthand, visit and check out the right-hand side of the screen when composing a new message. Or, check out this demo and this blog post for screenshots of quick add, and more information about how Hotmail’s integration with Bing makes it easier for consumers to share information via email.


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