Windows & .NET Magazine Geeks Grapple with Tech Questions

Square off with Windows & .NET Magazine experts

How many directory entries can you have in the root directory of a FAT partition? (Answer: 512.) How do you change the default name of First Administrative Group before installing your first Exchange 2000 Server? These are some of the many questions Windows & .NET Magazine experts have fielded at the Beat the Geeks sessions at booth #526 during MEC 2002.  Beat the Geeks is one of several activities Windows & .NET Magazine has planned for MEC 2002, which started Monday, October 7, at the Anaheim Convention Center. (By the way, the answer to the second question is to run ForestPrep and extend the Activity Directory--AD--schema. Then install Exchange 2000 System Manager and you'll see the option to set the name for the First Administrative Group).

Jerry Cochran, Microsoft group program manager and a Windows & .NET Magazine contributing editor, kicked off the first Beat the Geeks session Monday at the Windows & .NET Magazine booth. Questions he encountered included "What is the maximum timeout for the cluster heartbeat for Microsoft Cluster Server?" (Answer: 600 milliseconds.)

On Thursday, October 10, Windows & .NET Magazine editors will present a technical trivia contest from 11:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. At noon, editors will present the MEC 2002 Best of Show Awards.

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