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Someone in my company asked me this question: When an employee uses Outlook 2000 or Outlook 98 to invite team members to a meeting, an email message goes to the invitees and another message goes automatically to a public group mailbox. (Sue Mosher, "Implementing a Group Mailbox or Public Folder," January 1999, explains how to set up a group mailbox.) Why does the message go to the public group mailbox? How can I prevent this behavior?

I found out that this behavior was occurring because all the users on the team had selected a public group mailbox as a delegate to receive their messages. This selection caused a copy of each meeting invitation and email message to go to the public group mailbox's Inbox, thus filling up the public mailbox with duplicate requests from each user invited. To stop the invitations from going to the public group mailbox, go to Tools, Options, Delegates and clear the Send meeting requests and responses only to my delegates, not to me check box. If users don't understand how to use the Delegates tab, the mailbox can reach its limits very quickly.

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