Troubleshooter--Specifying the Sending Account

I have a customer with a small Exchange 2000 Server installation. The company's users use Outlook to access their Exchange mailboxes for internal company mail and some separate outside POP accounts. However, when users reply to a message sent to one of the POP accounts, the reply appears with the return address of the user's Exchange mailbox. How do I change this behavior?

Outlook 2002 makes this change fairly easy because it lets you consolidate mail from multiple accounts into one Inbox. When you create a new message in Outlook 2002, you'll see an Accounts drop-down menu on the toolbar, as Figure 1 shows. To send and reply as a different account, just click Accounts and choose the appropriate account. Outlook uses the InfoBar to tell you which account it will use to send the message.

Alternatively, you can have your users send as different Exchange users. The method you use depends on which version of Outlook you're using and whether you're using WordMail. In Outlook 2002 without WordMail, just go to the View, From command to make the From field visible; with WordMail, click the drop-down menu next to the Options icon and make sure From is checked. These actions only show you the field; your users must still choose the appropriate sender. In addition, users can send as different users only when they have the appropriate permission to do so.

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