Troubleshooter: Solving a Lotus Notes Connector Problem

We use Exchange Server 5.5 with the Lotus Notes connector. Lotus Notes users whose email addresses include apostrophes (e.g., Patrick_O' can't send messages to Exchange recipients; the senders get nondelivery reports (NDRs), and the messages never reach the recipients. How can we fix this problem?

This behavior is a known problem in Exchange 5.5 versions earlier than Service Pack 4 (SP4). The heart of the problem is that Lotus Notes permits a variety of characters that Exchange prohibits.

The Lotus Notes connector usually does a good job of remapping such problem characters, but evidently the apostrophe (') slips through. The Microsoft article "XFOR: Notes Connector Rejects Incoming Messages with the Apostrophe (') Character in the SMTP Address" (;en-us;q244129) explains the problem in more detail and recommends an upgrade to SP4 or later.

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