Troubleshooter: Resolving Problems Accessing OWA with SMTP Proxy Addresses

Our company is changing its name. The old company name is part of our Exchange organization name and forms the basis for our default SMTP proxy addresses. We want to change the name, but we've discovered that adding secondary proxy addresses doesn't work—users can't log on to Outlook Web Access (OWA) unless their proxy address matches the name of the root directory of the M: pseudo-drive. How can we work around this limitation?

Two workarounds exist to remedy this problem. First, you can create a new, separate OWA virtual directory and name it to match the secondary proxy address. Users can then use this new virtual directory to log on to OWA. Second, a simpler approach is to change the primary SMTP address that the default recipient policy uses. When you do so, Exchange will update the root directory name that OWA uses (although the directory name will still appear as the old name under the M: pseudo-drive until the next reboot).

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