Troubleshooter: Configuring the OWA 2003 Logon Page

We've customized our Exchange Server environment by adding several organizational units (OUs) and setting them up according to the directions in the Exchange Hosting Guide. This configuration provides each of our business units with what appears to be a separate Exchange organization. We'd like to customize the form-based logon page that Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2003 presents for logon, but we can find only one instance of this page. How can we configure this logon page?

The owalogon.asp page is the logon page that OWA 2003 presents when you enable form-based authentication. However, you can use a Microsoft IIS feature known as host headers to perform different actions, depending on which original URL the client tried to connect to. For example, you can modify owalogon.asp to display different graphics (or even completely different pages) for users who load and, even though company1 and company2 are both hosted on the same server.

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