Troubleshooter: Changing the Organization Name in Exchange 2003

One of our former administrators ran Exchange Server 2003 ForestPrep, even though we weren't ready to set up the new Exchange version. Now that we're ready to move off Exchange Server 5.5, how can we change the organization name that he specified during setup?

In Exchange 2000 Server setup, you had to specify an organization name during ForestPrep, and that organization name was stamped all over the Configuration naming context (NC), making the name difficult to change later. Exchange 2003 setup doesn't prompt you for an organization name until you install the first Exchange 2003 server in your organization. Instead, Exchange 2003 stamps a temporary globally unique identifier (GUID) as the organization name during ForestPrep (you can verify this change by using ADSI Edit after running ForestPrep). So, good news: You can install an Exchange 2003 server and name your organization whatever you want.

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