Tip: Fixing Outlook 2003 Beta 2

In a previous issue of WinInfo Daily UPDATE, I noted the steps that Microsoft Outlook 2003 Beta 2 users can take to fix instability problems. Below you'll find the oft-requested fix for Outlook 2003 users who use Microsoft Exchange. Please note that I haven't tested the Exchange tip, as I'm not using that product, so proceed with caution.

Fixing Outlook 2003 Beta 2 with Exchange
   To fix problems with Exchange, in addition to recreating the profile (see the WinInfo Daily UPDATE link above) try changing the location of the local cache. Follow the steps below to change the location of the default profile's Offline Folder File (.ost).
   1. Close Outlook 2003.
   2. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.
   3. Double-click the Mail icon.
   4. Click "E-Mail Accounts."
   5. Select "View or Change Existing E-Mail Accounts."
   6. Click Next.
   7. Select the Microsoft Exchange Server account.
   8. Click Change.
   9. Clear "Use Local Copy of Mailbox."
   10. Click "More Settings."
   11. Select the Advanced tab.
   12. Click "Offline Folder File Settings."
   13. Click "Disable Offline Use."
   14. Click "Offline Folder File Settings."
   15. Select Browse.
   16. Navigate to the location of your choice.
   17. Click Open.
   18. Click OK.
   19. Select "Use Local Copy of Mailbox."
   20. Click Next.
   21. Click Finish.

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