SRS Components

The Site Replication Service (SRS) consists of three major components: an Exchange Server 5.5 Directory Service (DS) with its replication engine; the Exchange Server 5.5 Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC); and the Super Knowledge Consistency Checker. SKCC is a new piece of code that understands the Active Directory (AD) configuration information and the legacy Exchange Server site topology and thus has a complete view of a mixed-mode Exchange 2000 Server organization. The SRS uses a set of files that provide directory replication functionality between the Exchange Server 5.5 DS and an SRS database on an Exchange 2000 server. The SRS files on an Exchange 2000 server are

  • Srs.exe, which provides the main Exchange Server 5.5 DS look-alike code and other functions
  • Srscheck.dll, which provides directory replication consistency checking
  • Srsmapi.dll, which provides directory replication mail services
  • Srsperf.dll, which provides performance counters
  • Srsmsg.dll, which provides event logging functionality
  • Srsxds.dll, which provides the SRS X.500 Directory Service (XDS) API
  • Srs.edb, which provides the DS database file (the file known as dir.edb in earlier Exchange versions)

These files provide the SRS service that runs with the key MSExchangeSRS, under the display name of Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service.

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