Sharing an RSS Feed

When using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 as an RSS aggregator, you can easily share subscribed RSS feeds with others. You can either right-click an RSS feed item and select Share This Feed, or you can click the Share This Feed button when an RSS feed item is open.

Figure 1 shows an RSS feed in Outlook 2007 Right-click an item listed within the folder for that feed to see a shortcut menu. Selecting Share This Feed generates a new email message from the default Outlook 2007 account with the URL for the RSS feed embedded in the email form. Upon receipt of the email message, the Add this RSS Feed button appears in the Outlook 2007 client, as shown in Figure 2. Recipients can use this button to add the accompanying RSS feed to their Outlook 2007 RSS subscriptions with a single click. Other email clients, including Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (or earlier versions) or Web email clients (e.g., Google Gmail) present recipients with the RSS feed URL, and the recipients manually add it to their preferred RSS aggregator.

It’s easier to share or forward RSS feeds when both sender and recipient are using Outlook 2007, whether you’re advising team members of a new internal Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 RSS subscription or sharing an RSS-enabled Internet calendar for collaboration, for example.

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