Recovering a Lost Email Message

One of my Outlook users recently reported that she lost an email message while trying to move it to another folder. She right-clicked the message and selected Move to Folder. The Move Items window that appeared had the options Mailbox ­ username and Public Folders. The user didn't click the plus sign (+) next to Mailbox ­ username to reveal the subfolders. Instead, she clicked OK—thinking that Mailbox ­ username was selected by default. Thereafter, she couldn't find the email message in any of the folders. At first, I suspected the user accidentally deleted the email. However, the Deleted Items folder was empty, and I didn't find any new items when I used the Recover Deleted Items feature. When I used the message-tracking feature to check for email the user had received in the past hour, she recognized the lost email message. I input the email message's details into Advanced Find and found the email message in the Top of Information Store folder. I then moved the email message to the desired folder. The Top of Information Store folder is the top-level folder in a user's mailbox. A user typically sees only a folder home page (i.e., the Outlook Today page) for this folder. To see the items in the folder, you need to change the folder's properties to turn off the Outlook Today home page.

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