Reader to Reader - 14 Nov 2000

SP3 and Third-Party Connectors

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I had been using Zetafax from Equisys for quite a while but had little success with the company's Exchange connector. A couple of months ago, I decided to try again with the latest version. It worked well enough. However, I discovered that all my Outlook users (Outlook 2000 and Outlook 98) were experiencing a problem when they exited: When Outlook emptied the Deleted Items folder, the program hung. Upon investigation, I found that the problem occurred when I tried to copy, move, or delete multiple items in Outlook (single items didn't cause the problem). I called a Microsoft support person, who said the problem was probably in the Zetafax connector. Sure enough, when I stopped the connector, the problem went away. I reported the problem to an Equisys (UK) support person, who suggested that I try removing and reinstalling the connector. When that solution didn't work, Equisys support suggested that I reinstall Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (SP3).

I set up a test server with Exchange Server 5.5 SP3 and the Zetafax connector and recreated the problem. Further investigation showed that the problem in Outlook occurred only if both the Zetafax connector and the Internet Mail Service (IMS) were running concurrently. I reported that information to Equisys. After 2 weeks of no response from Equisys technical support, my company asked me to investigate another fax product, GFI Fax & Voice's FAXmaker for Exchange. I removed the Zetafax connector from my test system and installed FAXmaker. The same problem occurred in Outlook. I visited the GFI Web site and identified the problem and the resolution in the product FAQ. The solution is to run the Exchange Performance Optimizer. Running the Performance Optimizer on my test system solved the problem. I repeated the operation on my live system, reenabled the Zetafax connector, and the problem went away. I thought readers might like to know that running Performance Optimizer after installing a third-party connector is a good idea.

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