Q. I'm running Windows Mobile 6.5 and have ActiveSync configured against an Exchange 2010 mailbox server. All of my text messages are showing up in my mailbox. Why?

A. One of the new options with Windows Mobile 6.5 and Exchange 2010 is for text messages to be synchronized with the Exchange server. Text messages will appear in your mailbox and, even better, you can reply to them from Outlook. The response is sent to your phone and then the phone sends the text message, as the image below shows. You can see a preview of how the message will look, and there are even special text message smilies that you can insert.

Text messages in inbox

You can also create a new text message from within Outlook and it will be sent to the phone for transmission.

You can disable text message synchronization by changing the ActiveSync options on your phone. Uncheck Text Messages.

Stopping Outlook from syncing texts

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