Printing Distribution List Members in Outlook 2000

The Microsoft article "XADM: How to Print Out Members of a DL from Exchange" ( explains how to print the names of members of distribution lists (DLs) in the Global Address List (GAL) through the Microsoft Exchange Administrator program. However, no obvious way exists to print out the same DL from the Outlook client.

To print DL members from the Outlook client, compose a meeting request and invite that particular DL. (Don't worry—you aren't going to actually invite the list.) Click the Attendee Availability tab, then expand the DL by clicking the plus (+) sign. (Note that this technique works only if the list membership isn't hidden. If the list membership is hidden, the user doesn't see a plus sign.) In the Expand List dialog box, click OK to display the DL's members. Return to the Appointment tab, and you'll now see the members of this DL in the To text box. Select all the members, then copy them to Microsoft Notepad. To line up the names in a column for printing, you must save this Notepad text file and import it into Microsoft Excel. The Microsoft article I cited gives steps for importing the list and printing it in Excel. This process is cumbersome, but it does the trick.

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