Post-SP4 Updates

On December 20, 2000, Microsoft issued a set of updates to fix seven problems the company discovered with Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4 (SP4). Because you must install the fixes on two modules, including the Information Store (IS), don’t install the fixes on a production system without careful testing.

One fix corrects a bug that causes the IS service to hang after SP4 is applied. The bug occurs in the interaction between the Internet Mail Service (IMS) and the IS and prevents the IMS from processing incoming SMTP messages from other Exchange sites or from the Internet. The problem can’t occur if your server isn’t running the IMS connector, but it’s certainly of concern for all servers that support an IMS.

The Microsoft article "XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 Post-Service Pack 4 Information Store Fixes Available" leads you to individual Microsoft articles on each problem. These articles are

Applying the fixes increments the version number of store.exe to 5.5.2654.31. The version number change causes a problem for products (e.g., Sybari’s Antigen) that check the version number before letting their code activate Therefore, you need to check with the vendors of any third-party products you depend on to ensure that these fixes support those products.

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