Outlook: Using the Right Signature

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, I set different signatures for two email accounts in my profile, but Outlook doesn't automatically use the right signature for each account. Did I miss a step?

Outlook 2003 lets you set an account's signature on the Options dialog box's Mail Format tab. (You can select Options from the Tools menu.) When you forward or create a reply to a message, Outlook uses the signature for the account that the message was delivered to. If you change the sending account on an open message, Outlook will automatically switch the signature only if you're using Microsoft Office Word 2003 as your editor, a configuration known as WordMail. If Word isn't your email editor, switching accounts won't change your signature. To enable WordMail, select the Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages check box in the Message format section of the Mail Format tab.

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