Outlook: Using Outlook to Track Expenses

How can I record expenses associated with a meeting in the Calendar folder and periodically print reports that show all expenses incurred between specific dates?

To record expenses that relate to a specific Calendar appointment or meeting, create a new table view that includes the Billing Information field in the Calendar folder. Click View, Current View, Customize Current View, Other Settings, then enable in-cell editing so that you can make changes in the table view. You can then type dollar amounts directly into the field, as Figure 1 shows, and print the table view.

You can also create a custom currency property for the folder instead of using the built-in Billing Information property. Creating a custom property lets you give the property a more meaningful name and lets you limit user input to currency amounts. (Billing Information is a text field that accepts any input.)

The key disadvantage of using a custom property is that Outlook doesn't let you export custom property data directly. However, you can copy data from the table view and paste it into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Note that you can't use this method with recurring appointments because the individual recurrences appear only in a day/week/month view, not in the table view.

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