Outlook Tips--Using a Shortcut to Generate a Message

How can I add a shortcut on my Send To menu to send a file as an email attachment to a particular person?

As you probably know, Windows generates the Send To menu from a group of shortcuts in the user's SendTo folder, which usually is a subfolder of the user's Windows profile folder. To create a Send To shortcut that displays a message to a particular person, create a Windows shortcut in the SendTo folder that uses as the target the command

"C:\program files\microsoft office
  \office\outlook.exe" /c ipm.note
  /m somebody@somewhere.com

where the path to outlook.exe is adjusted to fit your system and you replace [email protected] with the actual name or address of the person you want to send to. If the name or address contains spaces, enclose it with quotation marks. The shortcut lets you generate a mail message by right-clicking any file.

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