Outlook Tips--Sharing Custom Views

I migrated our sales force's contacts to public folders. Some users had views that I want the entire group to use. Can these views be shared or exported?

When users create a view, they can choose the scope of the view. If the user doesn't choose Can be used on this folder, visible to everyone, the view is private to its creator and no one else can see it.

One solution is for the view's creator to use the File, Folder, Copy Folder Design command to copy the view to the new folder. If the view creator set the scope as All Contacts folders, the creator can also switch to the public folder, apply the desired view, then make a copy of the view, this time specifying the scope as This folder, visible to everyone.

An easy way to copy a view is to display the Advanced toolbar and enter the name of the new view in the Current View text box. You'll see a dialog box like the one that Figure 1, page 6, shows, in which you can specify the scope of the new view.

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