Outlook Tips--Locating Archived Messages

How can l find my old email messages in Outlook?

If you're looking for mail that Outlook's AutoArchive feature removed from your mailbox, start by choosing File, Open, Outlook Data File in Outlook 2002 or File, Open, Personal Folders File in Outlook 2000. The Open dialog box shows the default location for the archive.pst file that Outlook uses by default. Choose that file, and click OK. Back in Outlook, you must display the folder list so that you can see the complete list of archive folders. If you didn't find your archive file in the default directory, you can look on any folder's properties to get the name of its archive file.

Finally, if you're looking for really old mail that could be in an old archive file, you might need to search your system for all Personal Folders Store (.pst) files. You need to be aware that on a Windows 2000 system, Win2K treats .pst files as hidden files. In Windows Explorer, use Tools, Folder Options, View to make sure that Windows Explorer reveals all hidden files.

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