Outlook: Sorting Contacts by the Categories Field

Can I use the Address Cards view to sort my Contacts folder by the Categories field?

You can't sort by the Categories property because it's a multivalued field. The difficulty is how to sort Categories entries such as

  • Business; Personal
  • Business; Customer
  • Customer; Personal

If a table view would do the trick, you can use the By Category view to display the contacts grouped by category, with the category groups appearing in alphabetical order. However, the Address Cards view doesn't support grouping.

If you need a printout of contacts sorted by category, consider doing a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word. You can merge your Outlook data into a table that has the Categories field in one column and the rest of the data, formatted to look like Outlook address cards, in the second column. That way, you could sort the table on the Categories column, then remove that column and print only the second column with the card entries. If you have just one category for each item, this approach should work well.

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