Outlook: Saving a Category Field in Outlook 2000

Can I save or embed a Category field into a vCard file so that the field will import into Outlook 2000?

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Requests for Comments (RFC) 2426 and 2425 document the most recent vCard specification, version 3.0, which includes a CATEGORIES parameter. Ideally, Outlook would support any parameter in the vCard specification, but Outlook 2002 apparently uses vCard 2.1 and, in my testing, couldn't use the CATEGORIES information that I set in a vCard file.

For information about the vCard standard—including links to the RFCs and developer toolkits—see the Internet Mail Consortium's Web site (http://www.imc.org/pdi). Because vCard is an Internet standard, any new vCard parameter would need to go through a period of discussion and reach consensus approval.

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