Outlook: Resolving Contact Names to Addresses Through OWA

I created a public folder to hold contacts, then used Outlook Web Access (OWA) to create contacts in that folder. When I create a message in OWA and put the name of a contact from my public folder into the To box, OWA won't resolve the name so that I can send the message. Can you tell me how to have OWA resolve the name?

When you use the desktop Outlook client, you explicitly tell Outlook that you want to use a certain Contacts folder for address resolution by selecting the Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book check box on the Outlook Address Book tab of the folder's Properties dialog box. OWA, however, doesn't let you designate a folder for resolving addresses. OWA resolves names only with the Global Address List (GAL) and your mailbox Contacts folder.

To use a public-folder contact to address a message, you need to paste the address from the contact into your mail message. The same is true for a contact in any contacts folder in your mailbox other than the default Contacts folder.

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