Outlook: Printing Only User-Defined Fields in a Custom Form

When I print a custom form that I designed, the printout contains my user-defined fields and other fields, such as Start Date, Due Date, Status, and % Complete. How can I make Outlook print only my user-defined fields?

To obtain access to the check box that will let you turn off printing for a field, you need to add that field to a custom page on your form. Drag the field from the Field Chooser to any blank custom page. Then, choose Form, Display this page to hide the page. You can see the page in design mode, but users won't see it when they run the form. You might want to change the page's name to Hidden to remind you that users can't see it.

Next, right-click the text box for each added field and choose Properties. On the Validation tab of the Properties dialog box, clear the Include this field for Printing and Save As check box, as Figure 1 shows.

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