Outlook: Modifying Calendar Views

How can I configure the Day, Week, and Month calendar views to display the subject and the category for appointments instead of the location?

The Fields dialog box lets you customize calendar views, but it shows only date fields. The text fields that appear in the calendar are fixed and include only the Subject field plus the Location field in parentheses. To display any other text, you must place that data in the Subject field or Location field. For example, if you have a public Calendar folder in which you don't use the Location field, you can create a custom form for that folder that sets the value of the Location property to the value in the Categories field. Open the appointment form in design mode, then drag the Location property from the Field Chooser to any custom page. Right-click the text box for the Location field, choose Properties, then switch to the Value tab. Under Initial Value, type the formula


then choose Calculate this formula automatically. Choose Form, Display This Page to hide the modified custom page. Publish the form to the public Calendar folder, then, in the folder's Properties dialog box, make the form the default for posting in that folder.

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