Outlook--Making Tasks Reappear in the Calendar

While I was trying to resize the TaskPad in my Calendar folder, a large X appeared as I moved the cursor over the bar labeled Tasks. When I released the left mouse button, all tasks on the pad disappeared, though the pad itself remained. All tasks are still visible, though, in Outlook Today and the Tasks folder. How do I make tasks visible again in the Calendar folder?

The TaskPad that you see in the Calendar folder is actually just an embedded view of your Tasks folder and supports all the same functions as other table views, including the ability to rearrange the columns by dragging them. My guess is that instead of dragging the border that separates the TaskPad from the Calendar and controls the pad's size, you dragged the TaskPad column out of the view. The TaskPad column displays the Subject field. So, although your tasks are still visible on the pad and you can double-click them to open them, you can't see their Subject data.

To restore the TaskPad to its original appearance, right-click the remaining column headings (e.g., Complete with its check box icon), then choose Field Chooser from the pop-up menu. Drag the Subject field to the column headings area. If you want to rename that column as TaskPad, right-click it and choose Format Columns.

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