Outlook: Editing the Formula Field in Outlook 98

I made a mistake while creating a new formula field in Outlook 98. How can I edit the formula?

You might think that you could edit the formula by selecting View, Current View, Customize Current View, Fields, and using the Show Fields dialog box, which contains a Properties button. However, that button is disabled for custom formula fields.

To perform your edit, first make sure that the field you want to edit appears in a table view. If it doesn't, right-click the column headings, then select Field Chooser. Drag the field from the Field Chooser to the view. Right-click the column headings again and choose Format Columns. In the Format Columns dialog box, which Figure 1 shows, go to the Available fields list and select the field whose formula you want to change. You can edit directly in the Formula box or click the "..." button to open the formula editor, in which you can select fields and functions.

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