Outlook: Creating a Year-In-View Calendar

How can I view and print my Outlook calendar for an entire year?

Outlook provides no way of letting you see an entire year's worth of appointments. One solution is to use Planet Software's Outlook 2000+ Year View control, which you can download from the Planet Software Web site (http://www.planetsoftware.com.au/products/yearview.aspx). This ActiveX control, which is designed to run within a Web page, shows your all-day appointments for any given year. You can create new appointments right in the Web page, color-code them to match your Outlook categories, and print out a year-planner view on one page.

The Web page, which points to the calendar folder you specify during installation, can run either in your browser or in a subfolder that the installer creates in Outlook to display the page as a folder home page. A limitation of the Year View control is that it shows all-day events only. Nevertheless, this tool gives you a nice "big picture" view of your year and might be useful for displaying a planning calendar for a group of people.

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