Outlook: Creating an Outlook Form That Will be Flagged in Certain Circumstances

I'm trying to create an Outlook form that will be flagged in certain circumstances, depending on user input. I've inserted a field called Office, added the Flag Status field to the form, set the Initial Value for Flag Status to: IIf( \[Office\]="Glasgow", "Flagged" ,"Normal" ), and set the Flag Status field to calculate automatically. But the form seems to disregard the Office value. What am I doing wrong?

The Flag Status property doesn't actually have values of Flagged and Normal. Outlook displays those values to the user but stores a value of 2 for Flagged and 0 for Normal. Therefore, your formula should be

IIf( \[Office\]="Glasgow", 2,0)

When in doubt about the allowable values for built-in properties, you can consult the object browser either in the form's script window or in Outlook's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) environment.

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