Outlook: Creating New Forms

When I click Tools, Forms, Design a Form, I get a Design Form dialog box asking me which form I want to design. How can I create a new form?

Unlike Visual Basic (VB) or Microsoft Access, Outlook provides no way to start from a completely blank form. If you think about it, this behavior makes a lot of sense, because each of the six basic forms contains a lot of built-in functionality for composing messages, setting dates and times, and performing other common tasks.

Based on the intended use of the form, you must decide which of the built-in forms you want to use as your starting point. For example, if you'll use the form to send messages, start with the message form. If you'll use the form to track the time spent doing something, you might use either the task or the journal form. If you want to be able to link other items to the items created with your form, you might base your custom form on the contact form.

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