Outlook--Changing One Journal Entry Type to Another

Can I change the default Phone call entry type in the journal form to something else?

In this case, you must use the Outlook 2000 Forms Administrator to replace the built-in default journal form with a custom form. To create the custom form, in design view, click Tools, View Code, and copy the code from Listing 1 into your form. Replace Conversation with the name of the entry type you want as the default. The type you enter must already be available in the entry list. Publish the form to either the Personal Forms library or Organization Forms library.

Now, download the Outlook 2000 Forms Administrator from http://www.microsoft.com/office/ork/2000/journ/outtoolsintro.htm. After you extract the files, run formswap.exe and replace the basic journal form (IPM.Activity) with the custom form you just published (IPM.Activity.Conversation), which Figure 2 shows. Click Save to make the change to the Windows registry.

If you published the form to the Organization Forms library and want other people to use it as their default, click Export Saved Settings on the Forms Administrator. This action saves the forms substitution settings as a .reg file that you can distribute to other people to merge into their Windows registry.

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