Outlook: Changing Fonts in HTML Stationery

How can I change some of the fonts in the third-party HTML stationery I use with Outlook?

Stationery is actually an HTML file that contains font information, background and other graphical elements, and layout components such as signatures. Microsoft Office installs stationery in the \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Stationery folder. You can create your own stationery or download it from many sources on the Internet.

You specify fonts in stationery by using the HTML <style> element, which tells the application rendering the HTML message (e.g., Outlook) which font to associate with the basic paragraph styles likely to appear in the message. If you use Notepad to open the notebook.htm file, as Figure 1 shows, you can view the HTML source code for Office Outlook 2003's Notebook stationery. You can see that all the styles listed—P.msoNormal, LI.msoNormal, and body—use a 12-point MS Sans Serif font. To change this font to 10-point Arial, replace MS Sans Serif with Arial, then replace 12pt with 10pt. Save your changes. To test the new version of the Notebook stationery, choose Actions, New Message Using, More Stationery, then select Notebook.

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