Outlook: Adding a Public Folder Calendar to the Other Calendars List

Outlook: Adding a Public Folder Calendar to the Other Calendars List

How can I add a public folder calendar to the list of Other Calendars in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 so that I can see it side-by-side with my personal mailbox Calendar folder?

The ability to display multiple calendars side-by-side is one of the most useful new features in Outlook 2003. When you click Calendar in the navigation pane, you'll see a list of My Calendars (those in your mailbox) and Other Calendars (from Windows SharePoint Services—WSS—sites or other Exchange users' mailbox Calendar folders that you've viewed). The trick to adding a public folder calendar to the Other Calendars list is to switch to the folder list and drag the calendar folder to your Public Folder\Favorites area. The public folder calendar automatically becomes available in the Other Calendars list.

One caution: If the calendar folder is using a custom Outlook form, access the folder only through the folder list. If you access it through the Favorites hierarchy or the Other Calendars list, Outlook 2003 is likely to experience corruption of the custom forms cache. Microsoft has a hotfix designed to solve this problem.

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